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Hi, I'm Liane!

For the past decade, I have been combining my data analysis skills with my passion for sustainable food to help food businesses become more financially viable and environmentally sustainable. After earning an undergraduate degree in Math from Georgetown University, my work in the food system began at Sweetgreen, a healthy fast casual restaurant, where I helped the company grow sustainably by managing several projects related to finance, food & beverage, and operations. My supply chain work and interest in the food system inspired me to pursue a Master's degree in Human Ecology & Sustainability at the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Italy. While abroad, I also gained hands-on organic farming experience and conducted a research study on community gardens in Uganda. 


I learned that food and agriculture are two of the strongest tools we have to promote human and environmental health - or degrade them. Our food system needs more companies to produce food with health, sustainability, and flavor in mind. And, these businesses need systems and positive financial results to sustain and grow their impact. 

Over the past few years,  I have worked with a variety of nonprofit and for-profit companies. I managed the supply chain for a sustainable grocery market and restaurant in New Jersey, led a large Pennsylvania nonprofit through its strategic planning process, and supported a variety of start-up food businesses nationwide as a freelance consultant. I also launched my own food business, Spelt Berry Bakery. I look forward to helping more like-minded food businesses grow in an efficient and sustainable way. 

image of sourdough bread, the type of food that our clients serve through their business
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