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image of casual restaurant, an example of businesses that we support with strategy and analysis

Using data and systems

to help your food business thrive

We help food businesses become more strategic, efficient, and profitable.

Our clients include restaurants, bakeries, food trucks, markets, caterers, and small farms committed to serving healthy and sustainable food.



For early-stage start-ups and transitioning businesses

seeking to expand or pivot in a new direction

  • Market Research

  • Business Planning

  • Sourcing & Procurement


For multi-unit restaurants seeking to leverage their existing data

  • Custom Dashboards

  • Cost & Sales Analysis

  • Financial Forecasting



For all restaurants

seeking to optimize their menu offering

  • Menu Engineering

  • Food Costing

  • Pricing Strategy

Operational Systems Development

For established, multi-unit restaurants 

seeking increased efficiency

  • Inventory Management

  • Supply Chain Forecasting

  • Prep Production

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